From: draft to execution

LightSupply ApS perform lighting tasks- and projects from the first idea to the finished product.
LightSupply ApS consists of three partners, who work closely together, and who also each have their own company. In most of the projects we work as a unity, where all the phases of a project is considered, but we can also be used individually if such a need should occur. With all three parties involved, the typical process of a project would go like this

1 Concept/Demand/Client Wishes

The architect and projectmanager start off with a visit – if possible – with the architect/owner of the project. This is to get to know the project, remain respectful to the architecture, and to together clarify all the details surrounding the impending process.

2 Lighting Suggestions/ Offer

Vi leverer præsentationen, tilbuddet og belysningsplanen til gennemgang og godkendelse efter eventuelle tilrettelser. Når disse er på plads og ordren afgivet, bestiller LightSupply armaturerne og tilhørende styring hjem. Da LightSupplys installatør har en dybdegående erfaring med teknikken bag produkterne, kan han gå igang med installationen så snart produkterne er leveret. Er der i projektet stillet krav om anden installatør, kan LightSupply sørge for instruktion i eventuelle nye produkter.

3 Approval / Project Launch

We provide the presentation, offer, and lighting plan for a review and approval – with potential amendments. When everything has been settled and the order has been placed, LightSupply will order the armatures and controls for your new lighting system. Since LightSupply’s System-Installer has in-depth experience with the techniques behind the products, he can begin installing immediately after the products have been delivered. If the client of the project desires another Installer, LightSupply can provide instructions in case of eventuel new products.

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