T MATE bluetooth interface / Teleco

Bluetooth interface, App-programmable, to remotely radio control all Teleco devices.

Daisy wifi interface / Teleco

Wi-Fi interface, App-programmable, to remotely radio control all Teleco devices from Smartphones.

Nolimit 4033 / Insta

NoLimit is an innovative linear LED system allowing architects, planners and building owners to plan and realise their lighting tasks autonomously. Basis of NoLimit is a modular construction kit consisting of clearly defined components: profiles, light inserts, control gear. All parts are tuned to one another and designed for an easy and trouble-free configuration.

Canes / Bergdahls AB

Canes belongs to a new generation of smart and efficient emergency lighting.

The luminaire is optimized for ceiling heights from 2 to 12m.
Canes comes standard with STS self-test system and with built-in battery backup.

Available in the following variants. White / Alu and in a round or square design.


Lightsupply is proud to introduce the new collection ‘Lightecture’, which preview has been displayed with great success at the last Light&Building 2016.

Lightecture offer an innovative illuminotechnical approach to architecture, completing Ghisamestieri traditional range of urban lighting, while providing a new choice to Italian and international overview.

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