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Tivoli, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

As parts of Tivoli's vision to invite guest into the park outside the summer season, the Christmas Market was added. Where John Loring's Tivoli Light bells was seen in much of the park. Allowing guest to walk inside as a garden, later more and more attractions was added to the Christmas openings. Also Tivoli's passion for fireworks are definitely not a new comer. The tradition goes all the way back to the Gardens opening in 1843. 


In 2000 with the opening of the Øresund Bridge to Sweden. Tivoli maintained its position as the third most visited amusement park in Europe (1999-2000). In addition, Tivoli succeeded in attracting more visitors in the under-40 age group with the ever growing live music event Fredagsrock på Plænen.


The summer of 2000 also marked the sale of Carlsberg’s ownership interest in Aktieselskabet Kjøbenhavns Sommer-Tivoli. 


The expectations of an overall moderate growth in the volume of visitors in the years ahead and would in particular increase the number of visitors outside the summer peak season, including by increasing the number of events in the Tivoli Concert Hall and the Glass House Theatre.


Valhalla Borgen

No ride info.

Det Gyldne Tårn

Height: 63 m
Fall: 55 m 
Max. passenger pr ride: 12 
Year: 1999
Max G: -1g

Project management: Tivoli / Aktieselskabet Kjøbenhavns Sommer-Tivoli
Designer: S&S Worldwide 
Lightdesigner: Jimmy Ture Lindström / Lightsupply

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