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Brøndby Strand Church

Brøndby Strand Church was inaugurated on the 1st Sunday in Advent, 2 December 1984. The church was designed by architect Jørgen Blytmann.

The church has a concert carillon that can be operated both manually and electronically. The carillon plays daily per automatic, just as it is regularly played manually. The repertoire is broad and often extends beyond the contents of the hymnbook.

Brøndby Strand Church 1984

Architect: Jørgen Blytmann

Lightconcept: Jimmy Ture Lindström / Lightsupply

Installation: ATJ Energi ApS

Photographer: Franz Henriksen


Light is part of nature. And so artificial light always interferes with the habitat of animals and plants. That is why light has to be integrated into the natural space in landscape planning and the luminaire itself has to be as invisible as possible... / learn more about light technology for garden and landscape

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